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While I still have your attention: GAZETTE IS IN TWO DAYS! I'm so exciiiiiiiiited! Who's going? If you spot me, feel free to glomp/attack/whatever, I will most likely be wearing a huge fluffy leopard print coat or a black tail coat, creeepers and...I'm not quite sure. But I'm really tall. There are photos of me in my journal somewhere if you're that bothered. I think it's only just sunk in this evening that I'm actually seeing them...I've not been excited until now. Also I've convinced myself those tickets aren't real. I hope they don't wear those PVC things...I won't feel I got my monies worth if there is no Uruha thigh. Aoi's braids

I'm back at uni now and finally have the internet! Woop woop!

Last week I turned old (20) which was fun...had an awesome house party in my HOUSE of which I now live in. My room is full of win - it's a really big room with a double bed and I love it <3 I'm loving living in a house so far, so much nicer than halls and I'm glad I'm living with friends.

I'm learning Japanese now as an extra curricular thing, and that's quite fun, my teacher is great.

I miss my kittens! Mum sent me some photos today...they're fully grown cats now!


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