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I haven't checked LJ in so long. D: Sorry for not commenting guys >_<

I've had a fun past week, monday I went to the Castle, which it turns out is actually a manor. I went with Kate and we did a tour of the caves as well, it was fun. The castle would be such a good place to have a lolita meet, the grounds and house are so pretty. Then we went to Ye Olde Trip and back to Kate' was a fun daay. ^_^

Tuesday we signed for a house. It's the first one we looked at, thought was okay but didn't think was overly great, but having looked at others we decided the negatives weren't that much, and we've got it. No more 20 minute walks to uni and it's right by the tram stop. Whoop!

Wednesday we went to the Cookie Club again, and I bumped into Alex who was in my art class in the first year of college. That was weird, but shibby.

I'm starting to really enjoy uni now, I've made a lot more friends this term, and the course is a lot better. I really didn't want to go home this time. O.o

I'm at home now, so I'm kind of bored. It snowed today, this house is freezing. I'm wearing two pairs of hiking socks, a jumper, long sleeve t-shirt and a fleece and I'm still cold. This house is stupid.

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