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December 10th, 2007



Today I discovered why I never let myself go to the fabric sale in the student union before.

Today I spent £60 on fabrics. D:

Oh gosh, I want to make things so badly, but instead I am stuck revising Japanese for a crappy exam tomorrow. Boo.

I bought some beautiful buttons which are 1930's original bronze/gold glass buttons...they are stunning. Set me back a fair bit, but I'm going to make one into a corsage for my mum for christmas me thinks. I also got some beautiful dusty pink and beige satin which I plan to make into undies/corset, but I expect it will sit in my old trunk filled with fabric for eternity.

I'm considering being a menswear designer. So far, I love it. Hm.

Watch Galliano's A/W 07/08 show...and drool. >_>

December 2nd, 2007





October 30th, 2007

(no subject)

OHMYGOD. Saturday was the most amazing day/night ever.

I can't even begin to describe how amazing Gazette were, so I'll try not to ramble. I expect to fail.

Got on the train very very stressed with a text from the almighty and crazy UFO saying the que was going around the corner already, at 8am. Got a call from Nikki, and I felt so bad, due to illness in the family she couldn't make it. I wanted to give her a great big Gaze hug. D: One day we will see Gazette, and we will see them together. <3 So I ring Booj, and she is full of fail. Her bus didn't show up so she couldn't make it. I was going to Gazette on my own.

But! The wonderful UFO who is full of win kept me company for a while as I joined the back of the que, which wasn't as bad as I had previously worried, and I spoke to people in the line. Everyone was so friendly, it was lovely... definitely the best wait for a band I've been to. There were two Japanese girls next to me who were insanely adorable.

Finally they let us in, an hour early. UFO was full of yet more win and I am forever in debt to her for getting me a t-shirt so that I didn't get pushed back further. <3 XD I ended up in about the 5/6th row directly in front of Aoi. I got pushed back during the later half of the set, but during the encore I managed to get to about the 3rd4th row which was awesome. I hate to sound like a deranged fangirl, but Aoi kept staring at me... I am stupidly tall.

Only Ruki could drool on himself, lick the drool, touch his crotch then make the sign 'to the father, the son...blahblah' only minutes later. I was so amused. But anyway. God they are beautiful. All of them. Their music was amazing, they played all the songs I could ever want, including Taion. There was no support act, just two & a half hours of Gazette.

We sang happy birthday to Kai, which was adorable...he looked so lost, his English made me happy inside. People shouted through the start of Taion, oh how I wanted to punch them. Aoi looked kinda pissed off with that. I really can't remember the setlist, but Cassis...I was so happy, everyone singing along, it was amazing. Ride with the Rockers too...I've always loved that, and live it was immense...Gazette are one of the bands I can truly say I have no favourite member, because they all own me. Linda ~candy dive pink heaven~ made me so happy...the whole of the encore was amazing, and they moved around a whole lot more, so I got to see more Of Uruha and Ruki, and got dowsed in his crotch water. Woop!

I've missed out loads, but my brain is still huhfdsdifdyheg and suffering from inability to function. I still ache, and I'm ill, but it was all worth it. Walked back to the station with UFO who was insanely adorable...I wanted to glomp her, but didn't in case she might break. >_> Went back to Bonnies and stayed there, she fed me which was very kind and then I sleeeept and it was goood.

Gazette own me. I hope they come back.

October 25th, 2007

(no subject)


While I still have your attention: GAZETTE IS IN TWO DAYS! I'm so exciiiiiiiiited! Who's going? If you spot me, feel free to glomp/attack/whatever, I will most likely be wearing a huge fluffy leopard print coat or a black tail coat, creeepers and...I'm not quite sure. But I'm really tall. There are photos of me in my journal somewhere if you're that bothered. I think it's only just sunk in this evening that I'm actually seeing them...I've not been excited until now. Also I've convinced myself those tickets aren't real. I hope they don't wear those PVC things...I won't feel I got my monies worth if there is no Uruha thigh. Aoi's braids also...wtf?

I'm back at uni now and finally have the internet! Woop woop!

Last week I turned old (20) which was fun...had an awesome house party in my HOUSE of which I now live in. My room is full of win - it's a really big room with a double bed and I love it <3 I'm loving living in a house so far, so much nicer than halls and I'm glad I'm living with friends.

I'm learning Japanese now as an extra curricular thing, and that's quite fun, my teacher is great.

I miss my kittens! Mum sent me some photos today...they're fully grown cats now!


July 25th, 2007

I live! Horrah! Haven't logged on to LJ in months because I fail, but I am here. The last term of uni was amazingly fun, but I'm home now and it's a little boring. I've got a job at a hotel in the village which is quite fun, I'm doing waiting and bar work for weddings and also some housekeeping...it's an amazing British country estate house, but run a bit like Fawlty Towers which makes it amusing.

I had so much fun doing my latest project at uni, and I got a First for the whole year, which I'm really proud of.

I'm seeing Gazette in London with Nikki and Booj and I can't wait.


Did I mention I got kittens? 8DDDD

Millie, Archie and Molly <333 They're the most adorable things ever. This photo is about 6/7 weeks old...they're now about 9/10, we got them at about 5 weeks old...they were so tiny :3

Going to Surrey again at the weekend for Alex's birthday! Yay! Friends! I miss having those.

Hope everyone's doing well, sorry I've failed at checking my friends list recently. <3

April 21st, 2007

(no subject)

DDD: Checked JaME France this morning and now I am sad. They don't usually post false rumours either, so I have no idea where that one came from. D: I can only hope PS Company are being pies and the information was leaked too early or something.

So. An actual update for you. o: Been back at uni for two weeks now, the holiday was entirely boring and a bit depressing as I was stuck on my own in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do and no way of getting anywhere. Also my uni has entirely stupid holidays and I spent two weeks off while my friends were still at uni, so there was only one week in which I could go see them. Fail. D: I did go back to Surrey though and it was lovely, I stayed with Jenni for a few days and we went out, had a picnic, got a sunburn in april WTF X.x and I saw Nikki and a few other people.

Uni is fun at the moment, though I'm being very lazy and my work ethic has just died a horrible horrible death. Everyone sits on the grass outside my window all day which means I can't nap or concentrate, and I sit at my desk thinking 'I should be doing work but I want to be outside', until I finally give up wanting to do work and go sit outside.

April 20th, 2007

(no subject)


Don't log on to LJ for weeks and what do I see?

I MUST GO. 10 days after my birthday too. YAY! 8D

March 19th, 2007

(no subject)


I haven't checked LJ in so long. D: Sorry for not commenting guys >_<

I've had a fun past week, monday I went to the Castle, which it turns out is actually a manor. I went with Kate and we did a tour of the caves as well, it was fun. The castle would be such a good place to have a lolita meet, the grounds and house are so pretty. Then we went to Ye Olde Trip and back to Kate's...it was a fun daay. ^_^

Tuesday we signed for a house. It's the first one we looked at, thought was okay but didn't think was overly great, but having looked at others we decided the negatives weren't that much, and we've got it. No more 20 minute walks to uni and it's right by the tram stop. Whoop!

Wednesday we went to the Cookie Club again, and I bumped into Alex who was in my art class in the first year of college. That was weird, but shibby.

I'm starting to really enjoy uni now, I've made a lot more friends this term, and the course is a lot better. I really didn't want to go home this time. O.o

I'm at home now, so I'm kind of bored. It snowed today, this house is freezing. I'm wearing two pairs of hiking socks, a jumper, long sleeve t-shirt and a fleece and I'm still cold. This house is stupid.

March 5th, 2007

(no subject)

I would just like to take this moment to say...


In other news I'm now obsessed with Hana Yori Dango. -___- I've spent the last four days of my life watching America's Next Top Model and HYD. I fail. Right. Off to watch episode 9 8D

February 26th, 2007

(no subject)

I'm currently doing everything I can to avoid doing my DVC work so Lj update! 8D

The fashion show on friday was so much fun, despite everything it went really really well. <3

My dress o:

I was really pleased with it considering it's my first time doing pattern cutting from scratch, and it was made up from around 50 pieces X.x I know the skirt is silly, it's not meant to be worn so yes. XD The module was about silhouette and structure. My model was Ros, and she was so lovely, it's a pain I didn't get a better picture.
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