Alice (scream_teddy) wrote,

OHMYGOD. Saturday was the most amazing day/night ever.

I can't even begin to describe how amazing Gazette were, so I'll try not to ramble. I expect to fail.

Got on the train very very stressed with a text from the almighty and crazy UFO saying the que was going around the corner already, at 8am. Got a call from Nikki, and I felt so bad, due to illness in the family she couldn't make it. I wanted to give her a great big Gaze hug. D: One day we will see Gazette, and we will see them together. <3 So I ring Booj, and she is full of fail. Her bus didn't show up so she couldn't make it. I was going to Gazette on my own.

But! The wonderful UFO who is full of win kept me company for a while as I joined the back of the que, which wasn't as bad as I had previously worried, and I spoke to people in the line. Everyone was so friendly, it was lovely... definitely the best wait for a band I've been to. There were two Japanese girls next to me who were insanely adorable.

Finally they let us in, an hour early. UFO was full of yet more win and I am forever in debt to her for getting me a t-shirt so that I didn't get pushed back further. <3 XD I ended up in about the 5/6th row directly in front of Aoi. I got pushed back during the later half of the set, but during the encore I managed to get to about the 3rd4th row which was awesome. I hate to sound like a deranged fangirl, but Aoi kept staring at me... I am stupidly tall.

Only Ruki could drool on himself, lick the drool, touch his crotch then make the sign 'to the father, the son...blahblah' only minutes later. I was so amused. But anyway. God they are beautiful. All of them. Their music was amazing, they played all the songs I could ever want, including Taion. There was no support act, just two & a half hours of Gazette.

We sang happy birthday to Kai, which was adorable...he looked so lost, his English made me happy inside. People shouted through the start of Taion, oh how I wanted to punch them. Aoi looked kinda pissed off with that. I really can't remember the setlist, but Cassis...I was so happy, everyone singing along, it was amazing. Ride with the Rockers too...I've always loved that, and live it was immense...Gazette are one of the bands I can truly say I have no favourite member, because they all own me. Linda ~candy dive pink heaven~ made me so happy...the whole of the encore was amazing, and they moved around a whole lot more, so I got to see more Of Uruha and Ruki, and got dowsed in his crotch water. Woop!

I've missed out loads, but my brain is still huhfdsdifdyheg and suffering from inability to function. I still ache, and I'm ill, but it was all worth it. Walked back to the station with UFO who was insanely adorable...I wanted to glomp her, but didn't in case she might break. >_> Went back to Bonnies and stayed there, she fed me which was very kind and then I sleeeept and it was goood.

Gazette own me. I hope they come back.
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